Crash Me Not

Product Description


The free and most addicting crash racing game.

Race the cars around 3 beautiful tracks without crashing in to the traffic.

‘Crash me not’ is a casual arcade racing game with an easy yet challenging gameplay.

If racing games are your favorite past time , You should definitely give ‘Crash me not’ a try , The gameplay is quite different from typical racing games, it’s just simple, very entertaining yet a challenging form of racing game.


Free to play with absolutely NO In-App purchases
Endless game
Colorful and Vivid graphics
Amazing Music
Adventurous game play
Join the most daring escape and help Kong outrun the bad guys and prove that he is the king of the jungle.

Score Register:

<10: You’re not trying
11-19: You can get that without even touching the screen
20-25: My mum can get that score
25-49: OK you’re on the way
50-99: Respect!
100-199: Fist bump. You’re good
200+: Whoa, nice work!
400+ Best in the world!!!



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