The Mummy : Great Escape

Product Description


Play the most EXCITING ENDLESS RUNNER game on the Play Store. Be a hero for a day and RUN through the ancient city!

JUMP and SLIDE through a randomized levels ranging from Easy to Insane!

Can you take on the challenge on finding the end of the Endless Runner Game?? Running through all the obstacles that are thrown towards you, to get to the end goal!

3D Endless Runner Features:

– Swipe to ESCAPE from obstacles
– JUMP to avoid blocks
– DUCK to avoid being hit by obstacles
– SHOOT Mummys to break objects
– RACE as fast as possible!

– Very EASY CONTROLS (swipe and touch Screen)

Go as far as possible and collect coins to beat your FRIENDS!

Our users agree!

“This Endless runner game is so fun and addictive if you are having a bad day you should play this””
“This Endless runner game is great!”


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